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This document applies to Jamroom 3 only!
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The default skin/theme that comes with Jamroom - Cobalt - is configured for using dynamic page titles.  If you are customizing a Jamroom Skin, using dynamic page titles is very simple and can be accomplished by making some slight modifications.


The jr_overall_header.tpl file inside the skins/Cobalt directory contains the code for the titles of most pages in Jamroom.  The line of code we are concerned with in this file is the following line:

<title>{$title|default:"Welcome to `$system_name`!"}</title>

You can change the "default" value of the {$title} variable in this line.  If a {$title} variable is not found before this line of code, this value will be used as the title.

Step 1 - Open any template that uses the jr_overall_header.tpl template

Any template that makes any type of include call to the jr_overall_header.tpl template can have a dynamic page title.  To add a page title, add the following parameter to the including function:

title="Your Title Here"

The entire function will now look similar to this:

{include file="`$SKIN_DIR`/jr_overall_header.tpl" title="Your Title Here"}

Each page that uses the jr_overall_header.tpl template can have a unique page title.

Step 2 (Optional) - Using Smarty variables

Any Smarty variables available in the template including the jr_overall_header.tpl file can be used in the page title.  When using a Smarty variable in your page title, you must place backticks around it ( ` ).  Note that using apostrophes ( ' ) is NOT acceptable when using variables; the variable will not work.  On a standard keyboard, the backtick key is the same key with the tilde ( ~ ) sign, immediately above the Tab key and underneath the ESC key.

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