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This document applies to Jamroom 2 only!
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When you first install Jamroom, Jamroom has built-in support for the MP3 file format as standard (i.e. song_name.mp3). If all you ever plan on using is the MP3 format (which is recommended), then you don’t really need to add any extra support for more formats. If you do decide that you want Jamroom to support other formats, you will first need to download the Open Source package “GetID3”. (Download getid3 from here), then follow these simple instructions:

Installation of Getid3

For the following examples we will use the directory /home/username/public_html/jamroom to indicate the directory where Jamroom is installed - this will probably be different on your server, so use the appropriate directory.

  • create a directory within your main jamroom directory called getid3. NOTE that the directory must be in all lowercase letters and spelled exactly this way or it will not work!
cd /home/username/public_html/jamroom
mkdir getid3
  • copy the downloaded getid3 file (usually something like getid3-1.6.4.zip) into the new getid3 directory.
  • cd into the getid3 directory:
cd getid3
  • unzip the downloaded getid3 file in this directory:
unzip getid3-1.6.4.zip

(replace the name of the file with the actual name of the file you downloaded)

  • Log into your Jamroom and go to the Admin Menu. Select “Jamroom Config” from the menu.
  • Click on the "Media Settings" link to enter the Media Settings section.
  • Change the "Use Getid3 Option" to "yes" and save your changes:

Note: The getid3 library is not maintained or developed by Jamroom.net, therefore support cannot be provided for the code or its use with Jamroom. I have personally used it, and I’ve had it working without issue for me. If you’re experiencing any problems, check out our User Forums and post the issue you’re encountering.

Selecting which file types to support

Now that getid3 has been installed and configured in the Jamroom Config, you’ll want to modify the “Valid Audio Formats” setting in the Jamroom Config to contain the file types you want to allow in your Jamroom. The only valid choices for use in the “Valid Audio Formats” field are:

  • mp3
  • wma
  • ogg
  • wav

You simply need to place the file extension names into the text entry field, with a comma separating them, to enable support for that file type. So for example, an entry of:


would allow mp3’s and wma files only, while


would allow all 4 file types to be used in your Jamroom. Make your necessary changes to the “Valid Audio Formats” field and save your Jamroom Config.

Performance Note

It is recommended that LARGE systems (100+ artists) use the GetID3 option even if you only want to allow MP3‘s to be used on your system. The MP3 decoder that comes standard with Jamroom is a very good MP3 parser, but the the MP3 parser that comes with GetID3 is faster. This can help lower the load on your server if you have a lot of active artists that are regularly uploading new songs.

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