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This document applies to Jamroom 2 only!
For current Jamroom 4 Documentation, visit the main Jamroom Documentation section.

By default, Jamroom will place all Artist Pages into the “bands” sub directory. If you would like to rename this folder (lets say in this example to “artists”), here are the steps to take.

Modify the jamroom/config/settings.cfg.php file

If you are running a pre 2.40 Jamroom system

Firstly, modify the Jamroom Advanced Settings file and look for the “artist_dir” setting. Change this to reflect the NEW directory name (name only!) that you would like it to be set to:

# artist directory - if you would like to change the name of the
# directory that your artist sites are located in, you can enter it
# here (i.e. "artists"). Note that you will also want to rebuild
# all of your artist pages to ensure they are updated with the new
# artist path setting (use Generate All from the Admin Menu). After
# setting it here you will manually need to CHANGE the name of the
# directory to match what you set here.
$config['artist_dir'] = 'artists';

If you are running Jamroom version 2.40 or newer

Simply log in to Jamroom, click the “Jamroom Config” link, then look for “Page and Directory Settings”. In this area you will see an option for “Artist Directory Name”. The default value is “bands”. Simply change this to reflect your new name for the respective folder and save the new configuration.

Move or Create your new directory

Now that you have modified Jamroom’s Advanced Settings file, the next step is to actually CHANGE the directory name to what you set it as in the settings file. On UNIX/Linux machines this is accomplished with the “mv” (move) command:

mv bands artists

Of course use the directory name that YOU defined in your settings file instead of “artists” if it is different.

Note: If you use FTP as your main connection to your Jamroom system, you can rename the folders very quick and easy via your favorite FTP client- just as you would change any folder name in a windows environment.

Regenerate your Artist Pages

The next step is to regenerate your Artist themes. To do this, log in to your Jamroom as Master Admin, click on the “tools” button in the Admin Menu, and select the “Regenerate Artist Themes” option. This will rebuild all of your Artist Pages, which will then be updated to correctly reflect the new directory.

Empty the Jamroom Caches

Now, choose the “Reset Jamroom Caches” option from the tools menu as well - this will remove any cached output Jamroom has created so it can be rebuilt to represent your new Jamroom file structure.

Modify Templates

If you are using customized templates, you will want to make sure and go through your templates and update any hard links you have created to the “former” artist directory to reflect the correct path to your “new” artist directory.

Thats it! Your Jamroom Artist Pages should now be served from the new directory.

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