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This document applies to Jamroom 2 only!
For current Jamroom 4 Documentation, visit the main Jamroom Documentation section.

These variables work in the “store” row templates - that is, when the “search_area” to newsearch.php is:

  • item_name
  • item_description
  • item_email
  • item_number


Variable Description
{$MODE} this is the mode it is currently running in (i.e. band, song, etc.)
{$ITEM_ID} the numeric ID of the item (i.e. “3”)
{$ITEM_RANK} The numerical value of its placement in the output list
{$BAND_ID} the numeric Jamroom ID of the artist (i.e. “5”)
{$BAND_NAME} Name of the artist
{$BAND_LOCATION} The artists location (as entered in Modify Artist)
{$BAND_WEBSITE} The artists website (as entered in Modify Artist)
{$BAND_IMAGE} link to image.php script to generate Band Image - i.e:


- use this inside an IMG tag

{$ITEM_NAME} The Name of the item
{$ITEM_DESCRIPTION} Description of the item
{$ITEM_COST} The Cost (numerical) of the item - i.e. “5.00”
{$ITEM_EMAIL} PayPal e-mail address for this item. NOTE all email addresses output by Jamroom are obfuscated to prevent detection by spam bots.
{$ITEM_IMAGE} link to image.php script to generate Item Image - i.e.:


- use this inside an IMG tag

{$ITEM_NUMBER} The Item PayPal number
{$ITEM_CCODE} The Item currency code (i.e. USD)
{$ITEM_PAYPAL_FORM} This will create the necessary PayPal HTML form (hidden) linked to the “buy now!” button located in the rank/store/images directory. This creates a one-click button for purchasing.
{$ITEM_CURRENCY_SYMBOL} This will be the correct HTML entity (for use in a template) for the type of Currency chosen for the item.
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