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This document applies to Jamroom 2 only!
For current Jamroom 4 Documentation, visit the main Jamroom Documentation section.

What Additional Features are in the Jamroom Bonus Pack?

The Jamroom Bonus Pack is a seperate set of scripts (available from the Jamroom Downloads Page) that is only made available to Registered Jamroom Users. It provides increased functionality and new themes for you to use in Jamroom, and will aid you in growing the number of Artists that use your Jamroom.

Please reference the Jamroom Bonus Pack Installation Guide for help installing the Jamroom Bonus Pack.

Jamroom Signup System

The “Jamroom Signup System” gives you the ability to automate the addition of new users to your Jamroom by letting them “sign up” for service in your Jamroom. It is fully customizable and has many configuration settings available in the Admin Menu → Signup Configuration section.

Jamroom Search

The Jamroom Search system provides your users with an advanced search engine, letting them search by Band, User, Station, Store Item, Song and more! Check out the Jamroom Search Documentation for more details on using the Jamroom Search.

Jamroom Image Selector

This new Jamroom Bonus Pack feature gives your Artists an easier way to select their images in the Artist Menu, as well as allow the Admin to provide “canned images” that are ready for use by Artists in your Jamroom.

Jamroom Friendly URL's

This feature works with the Jamroom Search to give your users a URL that is easy to remember - i.e.


instead of


Jamroom Advanced Charts

The Jamroom Advanced Charts track the daily (or weekly, or monthly - its configurable) movement of songs by total plays (streams + downloads), streams only, downloads only, as well as charting within the songs genre!

Jamroom LoFi Creator

The Jamroom Lofi Creator uses LAME to convert an uploaded HiFi song file to it’s corresponding LoFi file automatically, or at the artist’s request! 1)

Jamroom Audio File Slurper

This new script 2) gives your users the ability to “slurp” an audio file from another website, without first having to download the file and then re-upload the file to your Jamroom. This makes it very convenient if your users are on dial-up modems - they can now transfer their songs from another existing web site directly in to Jamroom so they can be used on their Artist Page!

Qashani Admin Skin

You’ll also receive the “Qashani” Admin skin, which is a slight variant of the “Mosaic” Admin Skin that was offered as an exclusive to those entering the Jamroom Artist Theme design contest.

Exclusive Themes

The Jamroom Bonus Pack currently comes with 2 additional Artist Themes:

The "Sandstorm" Artist Theme is a gray and tan colored theme that serves as a good base for customization and modifications.  It also features a layout that is different than most other Jamroom Artist Themes.
The "Dun Forest" Artist Theme is a gray and green based artist theme, featuring a "splash" intro page and a left-handed menu for navigation.

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