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Table of Contents
  1. 100% Your Branding and Control
  2. Powerful and Flexible Core
  3. User Groups - the Jamroom Quota system
  4. Powerful Media Support
  5. Dedicated Support and Development

Jamroom is a Powerful Social Network system that has been designed to be as modifiable and flexible as possible. The Features outlined below include options that are available via Jamroom Addons - everything found in the Jamroom Enterprise package.

100% Your Branding and Control

Jamroom is a "White Label" Social Media System - this means the Jamroom code runs on your server, and is 100% under your control. All of the placeholder logos are easily changed to your logos, and there are no additional monthly fees. Your Jamroom license is valid for as long you want to run your site.
100% Your Branding and Control Features

  All licenses allow your branding
  Runs on your web hosting
  Unencrypted PHP Source code for easy modifications
  No additional "unbranding" fees
  Lifetime "owned" License
  No monthly recurring fees
  Open Source Jamroom 5 Core

Powerful and Flexible Core

The Jamroom Core is a powerful system for building a social media site - it is extremely flexible and configurable, and can be customized to suit almost any need. There is a good chance Jamroom is already doing what you want your site to do.
Powerful and Flexible Core Features

  Thousands of profiles on a single server
  100% Unencrypted PHP Code for easy modifications
  Template based layout for complete customization
  CSS based design for easy modifications
  Mature code base - 10+ years building sites

User Groups - the Jamroom Quota system

Almost every feature available to a Profile can be enabled or disabled within the Jamroom Quota system. The Jamroom Quota system allows you to control the features that are available to the different groups in your Jamroom. Want to turn off Photos, Videos or Audio support for a specific quota? No problem. Want to allow some Profiles unlimited Disk Space? No problem. The Jamroom Quota system gives you extensive control over the features found in your Jamroom.
User Groups - the Jamroom Quota system Features

  As many Quotas (Profile Groups) as you want
  Assorted resource settings
  Create different Quotas based on your User's needs
  Differentiate service levels
  Sell subscriptions to more feature oriented Quotas

Powerful Media Support

Jamroom's support for media is extensive - with full support for Audio, Video, Photos and selling almost any media item (using the eCommerce bundle), if your users want to share it, it's no problem.
Powerful Media Support Features

  Support for automatic transcoding of uploaded media
  Automatically convert uploaded audio files to MP3
  Automatically convert uploaded video files to FLV and MP4 (mobile)
  Digital Sales via the eCommerce Bundle
  Advanced Charting of song and video plays over time
  Advanced Stats for all media including daily plays

Dedicated Support and Development

We have been developing and expanding Jamroom for over 10 years. With thousands of sites and satisfied customers world wide, our goal is to make sure you have the best platform possible for building your site.
Dedicated Support and Development Your Success means our success - it's as simple as that.

If you have any questions about Jamroom functionality or how you can use it to build the community you are thinking about, don't hesitate to contact us:


We look forward to seeing you online!
Download the Open Source Jamroom Core for Free and check it out:

We're excited to see you online!

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