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paRate License Required
Provider: The Jamroom Network
Version: 1.0.4   (minimum Jamroom version: 4)
Updated: 10/02/11 20:59
File Size: 169.7 kb
The paRate module provides up to five "5 Star" ratings (and associated rating legends) for every Jamroom item (songs, videos, bands etc.). It can also be configured to rate custom module items, eg. jrYouTube or any other item where the custom module creates a database table for its items.

Demo site at http://www.paulasher.com/paRate_Demo
Click on the Song or Video links to see the 5x5 star ratings and the configurable text.
Also visit the http://www.paulasher.com/paRate_Cobalt3 and http://www.paulasher.com/paRate_Nova profiles to see it working on those themes as well (you can rate both the artist and their song on each).
Requires Jamroom License: Jamroom Core

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