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If you are looking for priority, ticket based Jamroom support, the Jamroom Support Center was created for you.  The Support Center allows you to create, update and close tickets with the Jamroom Support Team.  If you are experiencing issues with your Jamroom, and would like a Jamroom support tech to check things out, please make sure and open a ticket.

You must be logged in to Jamroom.net to access the Jamroom Support Center.

If you do not have Jamroom Support Center access, and would like to enable Support Center access on your Jamroom.net account, make sure and check out the different Support Center plans we have available online:


If you are a current Jamroom License holder, and have purchase a Jamroom Professional or Enterprise License, please make sure you have followed this guide:


To "unlock" your Jamroom licenses and associate them with your Jamroom.net account.  Your Support Center access will be automatically enabled.

If you have any questions about the Jamroom Support Center, please don't hesitate to let us know.  Thanks!

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