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When purchasing a Jamroom License or Service using PayPal, a PayPal account is not required.  In order to provide the fastest delivery of your Jamroom License, it is recommended that you use either PayPal or FastSpring - using either checkout option will ensure the fastest delivery of your Jamroom Licenses.

The following alternate payment options can be accepted for all Jamroom purchases:

  • Amazon.com E-Mail Gift Certificate - purchase an 'E-Mail Gift Certificate" from the online retailer "Amazon.com".  You will want to send the E-Mail Gift Certificate to "jamroom@gmail.com" in the amount of your purchase (USD).  Make sure and send us an E-Mail to support@jamroom.net letting us know to expect the Gift Certificate, and the E-Mail address to use for your License - the Amazon.com Gift Certificate does not include this information.  It typically takes 4 - 24 hours for the Gift Certificate to "clear" Amazon.com and be sent to us.
  • International Money Order in the amount of purchase (USD) to:

Talldude Networks, LLC
2885 Sanford Ave SW #15132
Grandville, MI 49418 USA

If you choose to send a Money Order, please contact us at support@jamroom.net and let us know when you have sent it - we don't check the P.O. Box on a daily basis, and the last thing we want is your Money Order sitting there waiting to be picked up!

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us:


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