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What Additional Features are in the Jamroom Payment Pack?

The Jamroom Payment Pack is a set of additional “add-on” scripts for Jamroom, that are specifically made for sending/receiving payments (via PayPal) from your Jamroom, as well as automating the management of User Subscriptions within Jamroom.

  • Jamroom Vault - the Jamroom Vault integrates the ability to sell "digital" goods from your Jamroom.  With integrated support for a wide range of file types, and the ability to "link" a vault file to audio entries (songs), videos, events and images, it allows your artists to sell their digital works online.  As the Jamroom Site owner, you can collect a "percentage" of the sales price, and set payout amounts on a per Jamroom Quota basis.
  • Jamroom Subscriptions - the Jamroom Subscriptions module automates the ability for you to provide premium level subscriptions for your artists, members and even listeners.  This powerful add=on allows you to sell subscription based services (think of Napster, or Yahoo! Music) to your listeners, or automate the subscription to premium Jamroom Quotas for your artist and/or member accounts.
  • Jamroom Ticket Sales - Your Artists can sell "digital" tickets to their events online!  Your artists can define the number of tickets available, the maximum quantity any 1 purchaser can purchase, and will keep track of all ticket sales so your Artist can print out a master list of all tickets sold.  This includes a unique ID bar code for each ticket sold that can be used with a Bar Code reader at the Event Venue to validate tickets!.
  • Jamroom Promo Codes - new in Jamroom 4.2is the ability to create "Promo Codes" that you can give out which allow your visitors to get discounts on items purchased from your vault!
  • Digital Content Protection - The Jamroom Vault secures your users digital media from being downloaded without being purchased, using a sophisticated lock and key method for your buyers.  After a user purchases digital items, these items are added to the users "My Media" section where they can then be downloaded and expired after a configurable length of time if you choose).
  • Jamroom Ad Manager - The Jamroom Ad Manager gives you complete control over the text banners and ads in your Jamroom!
  • Buy Now Flash Player - the Payment Pack also features an enhanced Cobalt Flash Player for your artist sites that incorporates a "Buy Now" button that allows your listeners to purchase a song as they are listening to it.  This requires the Jamroom Power Pack for support.
  • Sell Any type of Digital Item - the Jamroom Vault is not restricted to selling only songs or videos - you can use it to sell ZIP files, Documents, PDF's, images, etc. - if it is a digital file, the Jamroom Vault can sell it.
  • PayPal, AlertPay, 2Checkout and WorldPay payment processor support (note that AlertPay, 2Checkout and WorldPay are vault purchases only - they do not support subscriptions).


Full Payment Configuration

Like other features in Jamroom, the Jamroom Payment Pack is fully configurable to suit the needs of many different uses.  Jamroom works in any currency supported by PayPal, and has many different configuration options to help reduce transaction costs.  Jamroom also includes support for 2checkout (Authorize.net), as well as WorldPay.

PayPal Micropayment Support

Many of your artists will likely want to sell their audio, video or image files for less then 99 cents - unfortunately, with a "regular" PayPal account, transaction fees will eat up around 35% of the purchase.  To overcome this, Jamroom supports using a PayPal Micropayment account - this is a separate PayPal account that can be setup in PayPal that features a much better fee structure for small payments - 5% + 5 cents, which is only a 10% charge on a 1.00 purchase.  Jamroom allows you to define a "cutoff" price level where the purchase will switch to the regular fee structure, giving you complete control over your transaction costs.

Cart Based purchase System

Another way Jamroom helps lower transaction costs is by using a cart based system - purchases of your digital media by your listeners are added to their cart - this encourages purchases beyond a single file, and lowers the transaction costs as the fee is spread across a larger purchase.

Jamroom Ad Manager

The Jamroom Ad Manager gives you complete control over the advertisements that run in your Jamroom.  You can give access to the Jamroom Ad Manager to specific users to handle their compaign, and as the Master Admin you always have full control over all of the advertisments.

Enhanced Flash Players with Buy Now support

The Jamroom Payment Pack also features an enhanced Flash Player for your audio and video files - it integrates a "Buy Now" feature directly into the Flash Player, allowing your listeners to purchase the song while listening to it.

Jamroom Subscriptions

The Jamroom Payment Pack also features full recurring support for Subscriptions. This allows you to sell "premium" subscriptions to your artists, as well as your listeners.  Many sites are using the subscriptions as a way to allow their listeners to gain access to HIF streams - but only with a subscription.  This is a great way to help offset hosting costs, or other costs associated with your business.

The Jamroom Payment Pack is a very powerful add-on that allows you to bring full payment automation to your Jamroom - grab a Jamroom Payment Pack license today and let Jamroom do the work for you!

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