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Posted: 10/03/06 13:24 
If you have a suggestion that you feel would make Jamroom better, please don't hesitate to post it here. Note that you may not receive an immediate response to a suggestion, but all suggestions are viewed. This gives each suggestion some time to "soak" as well, and you'll find that other Jamroom users may comment on your suggestions.

Once again, if you do not see a response to your suggestions, it doesn't mean we haven't seen or read it, it just means:

  • New features may not be being added to Jamroom at this time (first priority is to always get the existing feature set rock solid).
  • It's a new suggestion, and feedback from other users may still be coming.
  • it may not be appropriate for Jamroom - you'll usually see a follow up on on your suggestion fairly soon if this is the case.

Feel free to post your suggestions - Jamroom is "community" driven and inspired by it's users! Wink

Thanks everyone!

- Brian

Make sure and check out:
* The Jamroom FAQ
* The Jamroom Documentation
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User Support Forum Archive (Read Only)
Jamroom Suggestions

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