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Please search the FAQ and Documentation before posting!
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Posted: 03/01/04 14:39 
FAQ Search:


First off, let me thank you for your interest in Jamroom! Jamroom has grown by leaps and bounds over its lifetime, and is continuing to evolve into a fantastic tool that is really being driven by the community of users that are using it.

With that being said, I'm taking the time to post a quick "overview" of what to do before requesting help here in the forums. Many of you who are familiar with the forums know that I try to be quick to answer all questions in the forums, and I definately do not want that to change. Over the last 2 months or so, the volume of requests for help, both here and via e-mail, has really increased, mainly due to the expanded number of users using Jamroom (which is a good thing! Wink

What I'm hoping to do is make it easier to get to the information you need without having to post in the forums here or send an e-mail, and if you DO have to post, I want to ensure your problem can be solved as quickly as possible. So before posting please ensure that you have done the following:

1. Make SURE and check out the Jamroom Documentation - it contains many guides to help you get started, as well as help you along in customizing your site.

2. Make sure and utilize the Forum Search, as there are pages and pages of questions and answers already online here.

3. Make sure you are running the most recent version of Jamroom. Bugs are fixed in every release, and the problem you are having may have already been solved. Check out the Jamroom Download Page, which always shows you what the most recent version is.

4. Make sure and check out the Jamroom.net Issue Tracker to see if your issue or Feature Request is already being worked on.

5. If any of the options above don't help you, then please post here so we can help you out. Please include the following information when reporting a problem, as it will greatly help in trying to figure out what the problem might be:

  • The version of Jamroom you are currently running.
  • The OS and Webserver you are using (i.e. Linux/Apache 1.3, Windows/IIS 6). You can get this information from the "PHP Information" tab in the Jamroom Admin Menu.
  • The PHP version you are using. You can get this information from the "PHP Information" button in your Jamroom Tools -> Server Check.
  • Any steps you have already taken in trying to get it to work.

6. Please do not post in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS - posting in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS makes you come across as shouting Wink

7. If you don't receive any responses to your post after 24 hours, feel free to "bump" your post - there's a lot of postings on a daily basis so occasionally a post may get overlooked (not often though!)

Having a process like this will also help us keep track of the real bugs, and get them fixed faster.

If there's any questions or suggestions about this process, please feel free to post them here. Thanks!

- Brian

Make sure and check out:
* The Jamroom FAQ
* The Jamroom Documentation

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Posted: 12/23/07 17:40 
I'd just like to add one more thing to the list above:

If you have a question regarding templates, PLEASE let us know which SKIN or THEME you are using!

We'll be able to resolve your issue MUCH faster if we know what skin/theme you are using and not waste time having to ask Wink

Also, if you have a question about customization, please post it in the customization forum:


And one final thing Wink If you have a question about an Oinkba template (i.e. Projam, Proton, etc.), please post in the Oinkba forum:


As they will be much better suited to help you.




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