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elastic skin and templates

Joined: 15 Oct 2013
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Posted: 10/15/13 06:49 

ive just purchased the jamroom media bundle , youtube , soundcloud and advanced charts modules. ive not uploaded yet as im changing my hosting soon to a bigger package - my question is does elastic skin include templates for these modules or do you have to create your own?



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Joined: 30 Aug 2005
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Posted: 10/15/13 06:58 
In Jamroom 5 the modules supply their own templates. You can see them in the module templates directory, eg /modules/jrYouTube/templates/ and you can also see (and edit) them from the ACP (admin control panel) - select your module in the left accordion menu and then click on the "templates" tab.

If you edit the modules from the ACP, the changes are stored in the database - you can revert to the original template by clicking a button.

You can also override the module template by creating a copy of the module template in the active skin directory and prepending the module name to the name of the template. So to override the youtube index list template, copy and rename /modules/jrYouTube/templates/index_list.tpl to /skins/jrElastic/jrYouTube_index_list.tpl

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Joined: 15 Oct 2013
Posts: 3

Posted: 10/15/13 07:13 
thanks ive now uploaded and navigated to the templates which seem to be comprehensive - i just wonder how to add them to my home page www.wonkymusic.com - which file do i need to edit to do this or when users create accounts do they automatically index these templates?

many thanks


(jamroom 5 noob)

nb im starting to get the hang of it now - took me a while to find the quota configs

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Jamroom Team

Joined: 20 Aug 2003
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Posted: 10/15/13 08:18 
Take a look at the jrElastic skin index.tpl template.
Look at the <div class="block"> sections. They represent the blocks in the side and centre columns.
At the heart of each block is a {jrCore_list . . .} smarty call. That is the media that is listed in that block.
So copy and paste the 'jrVideo' block, say, and change the module="jrVideo" to module="jrYouTube".
You'll also ultimately need to change the template="" to one that handles youtube videos as well but for now, remove the template option so that the template provided by the YouTube module is used by default.

If the YouTube (or any other) module is enabled for the user quota, access to it will automatically show on the user profile page, and any YouTube videos the user uploads to show on the homepage.


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