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Projam3 missing functionality for JR5

Joined: 08 Jan 2013
Posts: 18

Posted: 10/12/13 15:24 
Hello and I'm sorry for asking this questions but I would like to know.

I noticed that a lot of functionality is missing in the projam3 for jr5 compared with projam2 for jr4.

For example the wall videos... where it will display all the videos including from you tube. Now on projam5 you have a different menus for uploaded videos a separate menu for youtube videos.

In the music page.. on projam2 it displays the new releases, top albums and tops songs... with bottuns to download or buy.. but now on projam3 it only displays newest, top and highest...

Projam2 has lirics songs... Projam3 no longer supports lyrics songs.

These are just of the few that is missing on projam3 compared with projam2.

Are you guys planning on release an other version of projam3 maybe pro plus?

I haven't updated my sites yet with the new jr5. I'm waiting for the appropriated template that will meet my requirements.

Just wondering ..

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User Support Forum Archive (Read Only)
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