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Jamroom5 jrRate Module Tip
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Posted: 08/14/13 11:40 
Its probably not a well publicised fact, but the existing JR5 jrRate module does what the JR4 paRate does in that it will handle multiple rating options per item.
In the smarty template function that generates the stars, there is an optional 'index' field that defaults to '1', so if you do something like -


Arrangement: {jrCore_module_function function="jrRating_form" type="star" module="jrAudio" index="1" item_id=$item._item_id current=$item.audio_rating_1_average_count|default:0 votes=$item.audio_rating_1_count|default:0 }
Lyrics: {jrCore_module_function function="jrRating_form" type="star" module="jrAudio" index="2" item_id=$item._item_id current=$item.audio_rating_2_average_count|default:0 votes=$item.audio_rating_2_count|default:0 }
Hit Potential: {jrCore_module_function function="jrRating_form" type="star" module="jrAudio" index="3" item_id=$item._item_id current=$item.audio_rating_3_average_count|default:0 votes=$item.audio_rating_3_count|default:0 }

you'll get 3 sets of rating stars that can represent different 'qualities' to rate. Also, just keep increasing the index value to get more stars!!


Paul Asher
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