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Looking for Feedback for New Design and Layout

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Posted: 04/16/13 08:51 
Hello earlier i had posted about a new template i am working on and i wanted to get some feedback on what you all think since you all use jamroom system as well. I had used MediaPro for years on my site and finally I wanted to think outside the box and see if a normal web type of template would work for jamroom and also i wanted to test some new html5 and web 2.0 type of design and try to incorporate jamroom into it.

Theoretically the thought was since jamroom uses mostly call features to pull data into the tpl files and also content i thought it would be pretty simple to just take a normal template, rip apart the header of template add it to its own header file, same for the body and footer and just "wing" it from there. some of the things were pretty tricky to grasp and also switch around due to the CSS3 new encoding i am using so making everything blend properly was interesting.

Template i purchased from Code Canyon and Ripped Apart

Here is some screen shots of the site and feel free to check it out and tell me your thoughts.


Main Page
the main page was not all that difficult to do since it was 3 columns across for the CSS3 and also i added a special div for the bottom part of the site for talent listing.

Video & Audio Section
This was probably the hardest section since it uses a new type of lightbox to pull players and data into the content system.

As for the Talent Profiles

mostly it was just cut things out call function wise i wanted and slapped into the new div elements and re constructed the layout a bit to fit the needs of the talent. I added a new photo gallery page (with thumbnails as well) so i think they look pretty decent. I kept a couple features from the old template like the drop down photo list, main bigger image but below that is a photo gallery of all pictures.


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