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Jamroom 5 Beta 6 has been released!
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Posted: 04/13/13 08:54 
I've just updated the Jamroom 5 downloads page with the newest version of Jamroom 5 - beta 6.


This comes pretty quickly on the heels of beta 5, but we wanted to get this release out quickly as it has a change to the minimum required PHP version. Going forward Jamroom 5 will require PHP 5.3+ - several of the contributed libraries we are using require "namespace" support in PHP, and that in turn requires PHP 5.3. So those of you running on PHP 5.2 (or older) will need to contact your hosting provider and find out if they can update your server to PHP 5.3 (or 5.4). Note that PHP 5.2 was deprecated 2.5 years ago, so your hosting provider should already be running PHP 5.3.

New changes in Jamroom 5 beta 6 include:

  • new jrTrace event tracer module. The Event Tracer will log registered events to a DataStore so they can be listed - this allows you to create lists like "who is listening to songs right now", "These users just logged in", etc. - There's only a few traceable events at this time but we'll be adding more into the modules over the next few releases.
  • New Clone Quota and Quota Transfer tools in the Quota Browser (work just like their JR4 counterpart).
  • New Artist "earnings" section in the FoxyCart module - i.e. foxycart/earnings - we don't have this linked up to a menu item yet but we'll get that in by the next beta.
  • New global config option in FoxyCart config to prevent popup cart on add-to-cart clicks - instead you will just get a little "added to cart" success overlay. When ready to checkout you can click on the cart icon.
  • New ability to create lists out of Ratings - you'll see a new "recently rated" section in the Elastic profile that shows what items users in the profile have recently rated.
  • New notification options for when a comment is posted to an item a user has created, as well as when your profile is "mentioned" in an activity stream. Both are present in the Notifications section for the user account.
  • System should work 100% over SSL/non-SSL with zero config. You can switch back and forth between the 2 whenever you need (requires an SSL enabled web server).
  • New DataStore functions: jrCore_db_delete_multipleItems() (does what it sounds like it does) and jrCore_db_get_items_missing_key() (gets all items that do NOT have a specified key value).
  • TONS of other tweaks and fixes based on feedback from our beta testers.

There are a couple of other important changes that need to be mentioned if you are upgrading:

  • The way the "Allow Access" quota setting was being created has been changed to a registered module feature - this means that after installing Beta 6 you will need to go back into your Quota Config for EACH MODULE and make sure the "Access Allowed" setting is either checked or left unchecked, depending on if you want the quota to have access to the module.
  • The jrNewsLetter was incorrectly named "JrNewsletter" (note the lower case L) in a previous release. DELETE THE EXISTING jrNewsLetter module and update to the one included in Beta 6 - otherwise you will get a PHP error.

I want thank everyone for all the feedback we've been getting over the last few weeks about Jamroom 5 - we're using that feedback to make sure we're going to deliver an awesome system to everyone, so please keep the feedback coming.

If you run into any issues with the new beta 6, please post to the Jamroom 5 Beta forum:


and we will follow up.

We hope you enjoy the new release!

- Brian (on behalf of the Jamroom team)

Make sure and check out:
* The Jamroom FAQ
* The Jamroom Documentation
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