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new home page using jamroom

Joined: 11 Oct 2004
Posts: 473
Location: Newcastle UK

Posted: 04/28/12 13:19 
I've just finished the first draft of http://www.spintronic.biz which will become a wonko the sane domain named page at some point in the future. I'm unsure as to whether to integrate a theme to it as its just ruthless self promotion of my music which is handled nicely by the skin. let me know what you think ? perhaps it can be included in the jamroom featured sites?

NB id appreciate it if someone could tell me how it looks in Safari ??

Nebzine (site was North East Bands Zine)

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Joined: 01 Jul 2006
Posts: 1554
Location: BRONX,NYC

Posted: 04/30/12 20:49 
nice i remember when you made it

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