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NEW MODULE: A/B Page Split Test
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Posted: 02/16/12 03:48 
Purpose: This module is for the skin creator or admin user to split test different versions of offer pages in thier system to see which converts best

This is the installation file for Apicos Page A/B Split Testing system

Jamroom version 4.2.3

The first thing to do to setup a new split test is to include the call code in a template.

{apSplitTest_test name="landing_page_test"}

Adding that line of code to a template will setup the split testing group for that section.
You could add that code to a blank template to A/B split test 2 entire pages or use it in just a section to split test just a section within a page.

The first time you view that page in a browser, you will see the notice

"No pages are allocated to this split test yet. Please add pages to test."

because we have yet to add pages to this split test group.

click on the link 'add pages to test' while logged in as the admin user and you will be taken to the Split Test section to add some pages.

First add pages to the system,
then include those pages in the split test group we just created.

In order to record goals 'goal1' and 'goal2' you need to fire a goal trigger. If 'goal1' is a signup and 'goal2' is a subscription purchase, you can set the name of the split test that you are tracking in the /modules/apSplitTest/hooks.php file. There are further instructions in that file.

If however you have a custom 'Thank You' template file you can include the smarty code below to fire goal1.

{apSplitTest_goal1 name="landing_page_test"}

and to fire 'goal2'

 {apSplitTest_goal2 name="landing_page_test"}

These goals will show up in the reports at /apSplitTest.php?mode=st_stats when logged in as the admin user.

Using split tests in your templates and goals associated with each split test you are able to tell which version of each page works better from a marketing perspective.

NOTE: Each split test should have a clearly defined purpose. Keep the distractions to a minimum on your testing pages to ensure you get easily understandable results

---------- demo ------------
For a demonstration of where it is being used in actuality, visit Solo Developer. You will see either version A of the sales page, or version B. You wont know which, but if you sign up to Solo Developer, I will know which page you used. When I can see that one version is getting more signups than another, I will replace the loosing version with some other copy and try to make it convert better.

-- edit --
Oh, for everyone who has purchased the 'Jamroom Affiliate Marketing Pack', thanks for your support. This module is included now with that pack too. So download the latest version from the marketplace and you will have access to apSplitTest as well. Very Happy

Michael Ussher
Jamroom Network Team Member: http://www.jamroom.net
Priority Support: http://www.jamroom.net/Support_Center
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