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DS Flash Players:
IPlayer III Audio and Video Upgrades Soon!!!
DS Flash Players

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Posted: 02/06/12 11:25 
IPlayer II and IPlayer III NOTICE!!!

In the next couple of weeks I will be releasing the NEW........
IPlayer III Audio and Video Flash Players for Jamroom

These new IPlayer III Players will be released and sold in the Jamroom Marketplace as Plug-n-Play drop in replacement Players for the standard DS Players that are currently being used in most all Jamroom Stock Skins/Themes. These new IPlayer III Players look very similar to the old design but with some Major Improvements to the functions and coding.

As Follows..............
01. Coded in Adobe Flash CS5 for use with Flash Player 10.
02. Added new display fields to support All Languages (Multilingual Text Displays).
03. Added additional displays for (Rating, Plays, Length and Play Time).
04. Added improved Scrub Bar for smooth song and video dragging.
05. Added new Buy Now Button with "Price Display" for purchases.
06. Added new Download Button with "Free Display" for free downloads.
07. Added improved song list display (100% Multilingual).
08. Added "Share" button for copying Player Embed Code and Video/Song Link Code function.
09. Improved "Full Screen" function.
10. Simple to use and 100% Jamroom Compatible with 100% Install Support.
11. Packages will include all Templates with any Skin/Theme Edits needed for Plug-n-Play installs into the unaltered Nova, Sage and Cobalt3 Skins along with optional Packages for the Flashback, Jukebox and JamTube Skins as well as Oinkba's ProJam and MediaPro Skins.

All upgrades to this player are Free, and anyone who previously purchased an IPlayer II Audio or Video Player is entitled to a FREE Upgrade to the IPlayer III Players when they are released. But to get your Free Upgrade to this player, you will need to contact me by email.

Greg -

I have no idea why I do this..................
Email: daddysylem[at]dsplayerskins.com
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Joined: 27 Dec 2012
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Posted: 01/07/13 23:59 
You have provided very useful information dude........I have never seen a more detailed information about DS Flash Players........I personally like this player due to its latest feature ........Find more info here


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DS Flash Players

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