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Alt-sw version 2

Joined: 14 Jan 2004
Posts: 224
Location: Exeter, UK

Posted: 08/25/10 15:48 
I'm in the process of redesigning alt-sw.com (it's only 6 months old Laughing) I got a bit of negative feedback regarding the original design but I'm now pretty settled on my new look. It's still work in progress, but your thoughts/opinions would be appreciated!


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Joined: 03 May 2006
Posts: 817

Posted: 08/25/10 16:20 
Cool its definelty a great layout...how you open up the whole page...

the alternative logo...is CRAZY Shocked HOT Cool

but i kind of like the first background....becoz..it visually showed southwest of the united states...
the background your using now...well..it kind of loses the image.. Rolling Eyes ...as all you kind of see is an orange color background..though..it is a good color...i think your losing the shape of the southwest...which what i saw with the gray one...the gray one ..show it better

ummm..take out the mobile link on the right side....
its taking you to http://alt-sw.com/mobile/ ...use that link to inform people that they can stay in touch with your iste from there mobile device...so it shouldnt be a live link to where it takes you now

also...hehehheheee.im on a roll here...

keep the menu on the "top and the right hand side" consistent...saying the same...as the right hand side has podcast and news and the right side doesnt...

or what I will do if its my site. Cool ..take out the top menu...to leave the logo "SHINE" on its own...
and put in that place your twitter ,facebook ,myspace links Wink...

over all....it look greatttt

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Joined: 14 Jan 2004
Posts: 224
Location: Exeter, UK

Posted: 08/26/10 05:34 
Thanks for the comments mate!

The right hand menu is going as soon as the new menu at the top is finished.

The mobile link in the menu is also going, but I wanted to include a link to the mobile site on the bottom menu, in case someone on a mobile doesn't get redirected for some reason.

The social networking logos are going to be made smaller and will be put top left near the main logo.

The image of the Southwest is of England not the USA Wink

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