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Greetings ... nice job so far!

Joined: 24 Aug 2003
Posts: 1
Location: Mannequin City, CA

Posted: 08/24/03 12:24 
I just wanted to mention that despite a minor difficulty during the initial configuration ... your script installed painlessly, and is currently running without barfing anything into the logs ... a success!

If you'd like to hear some feedback, I'll take the liberty ... Aside from the basic ease of the install, it seems your initial configuration steps (The order in which to begin creating accounts/bands/etc) could perhaps be included into your install script? I realize that not everyone will have all the info ready ... but even plugging a default set of credentials, and sample band/mp3, initially, would really make the first looks around more enjoyable, without an immediate, cumbersome config waiting. Once ready, it would be the same basic configuration steps, overwriting the defaults. This will also prevent the issue I ran into, where I configured the initial user as an admin, and never completely finished all your steps before leaving (RTFM! hehe, it was clear what had happened when I did.).

Anyway, it leaves you completely locked out at the first login ...

ERROR! Invalid Username / Password - Please try again Shocked

... both the Master and User admin accounts were not found. There may have been a simple fix for this, I didn't searched for it. I just installed again, following the manual pages, and had no trouble. Well, again, fine work! I'm excited to begin customizing a bit ... let me know if you could use some help getting the big release ready.



Behold! The pure joy of pure insanity!
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Jamroom Team

Joined: 09 Jul 2003
Posts: 37583
Location: Seattle, WA

Posted: 08/24/03 16:52 
czonka -

thanks for the suggestions and for writing. I'll have to double check on whether you can finish the install without setting an initial password or not, since that is something that would definately need to be fixed. Also, I like your idea of a "sample" band that would be there after install to give you something to play around with. I've put that down on my list and it will probably make it into a future release.

Let me know how your customization goes - I'm curious to get some feedback from users who are customizing their Jamroom.

Thanks again!

- Brian

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