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Can not see the items in artist profile

Joined: 16 Mar 2006
Posts: 734

Posted: 09/30/09 13:33 
I created a new module, everything works perfectly but artist profile section.
in my theme.php I have

defined('IN_JAMROOM') or exit();   
function redeemDigitalCard_theme_items($_band)   
    global $jamroom_db;   
    $req = "SELECT *   
              FROM {$jamroom_db['download_card']}   
             WHERE card_band_id = '147'";   
    $_rt = dbQuery($req,'NUMERIC');   
    if (isset($_rt) && is_array($_rt)) {   

and in my theme dir, I added


# Download Card
download_card.tpl | download_card.php

to the theme.cfg
and I created a new template called, downlaod_card in theme in which I have

{* show a message to our non-logged in users that they will need to be logged in to post a comment, if configured that way *}
<span class='media_title'>{jr_lang default="Downlaod Cards Available to Redeem"}</span>

<table width="100%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
  <td width="50%" class="item">
  <td width="50%" class="item" valign="top">
    <span class="media_title">{$CARD_CODE}</span><br>
    <span class="medium">Mehrak</span><br><br>


But the items do not show up, am I missing a step?

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Jamroom Team

Joined: 09 Jul 2003
Posts: 37583
Location: Seattle, WA

Posted: 09/30/09 13:53 
You are naming your template wrong - it should be like this:


# Download Card
redeemDigitalCard_download_card.cfg | download_card.php

and then in redeemDigitalCard_download_card.cfg:



Note the use of your module name in the template sub config file name and template name - this way Jamroom knows to apply your results to that template.

Hope this helps!

- Brian

Make sure and check out:
* The Jamroom FAQ
* The Jamroom Documentation
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Joined: 16 Mar 2006
Posts: 734

Posted: 09/30/09 14:28 
I see, Thanks Brian!

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Joined: 16 Mar 2006
Posts: 734

Posted: 10/28/09 16:16 
Hi Brian
I have a problem.
I just realized that adding the new module to my module subfolder cause the image.php not working anymore.
I even renamed the include.php in the folder to make sure that it is the problem and it started showing images again. the files I have there are include.php, quata.php, theme.php, index.html and folders are cp and language. Other folders and files are optional right?
I dont't know what to check. I already checked the permissions on config/setting and it is 0777 and 0666

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