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How long before the other mods are ready?
N8Flash Designs

Joined: 28 Jan 2007
Posts: 5866
Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Posted: 10/02/09 12:10 

Ummmmmmmmmmm....wow this topic just completely went elsewhere... Rolling Eyes Shocked Shocked Shocked

Ok back to the topic...

Hi there Nate

It would be better if you “ALSO” offer your modules in the marketplace as a stand alone module instead of it being “ONLY” part of the “M” Skin.

With the modules you created you can control that feature market yourself.

I checked out the “M’ Skin and it’s tight, looks great, works well with all the extra features…

But honestly…sometimes its hard to switch over from one skin to another skin..especially when you already customized the skin that you already have to meet your members needs.

Also the price for your skin isn’t that bad of a price. I think it’s very reasonable with the modules and the players that it comes with.

But you have to ask yourself…

This is just and example..Smile

Out of 100 people who are from Jamroom alone who have jamroom sites and in a 1 week time frame…

How many sites owners are willing to go through the headache of changing there already custom skin.

I think it will be easier for a site owner to just add a module and call it a day.

So…at the end of the day…you will probably benefitmore financially as it being “ALSO” a stand alone module than it “ONLY” being offer in the “M” Skin.

It’s just like a car…a car suppose to be more valuable (money wise..like in a chop shop…)in pieces that in whole… 
But don’t quote me on this…lol

One more thing… just for you to t hink about…wink..wink
There are a lot of excellent techs here in the Jamroom Forum.

If you don’t control the market for those kinds of modules in Jamroom…SOMEONE ELSE WILL!
Someone else will come along and grab it.. and sell it…ching..ching…!
Wink Wink


I do agree I just have more work to do. I have to anticipate the installation process. So basically, I would have to make templates for every skin and theme. I don't have any problems doing that it will just take time. Right now as users buy the Mskin all the bugs come out. So I have been working those out. It seems pretty solid now.

I have a couple of other in house tasks to complete and then I can begin working on the modules. I fully intend to release them all.

Modules, Skins, Flash Players and more.
Exclusively for Jamroom

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Jamroom Team

Joined: 09 Jul 2003
Posts: 37583
Location: Seattle, WA

Posted: 10/02/09 12:50 

I just filed charges against you with the Dellwood Police Department as well as reported you to the BBB and the Consumer Protection agency as well as IC3

How you gonna play this Nate?

I'm going to lock this thread, as I no longer see any way this can be productive.

Malady - Nate has contacted me via Email, and I have sent my recommendation to him. I've asked him to refund your money - I'm hoping that he does. I disagree with your assessment of the early situation involving our design team (Douglas), however that is water under the bridge and no longer needs to be addressed - we wrote that loss off many months ago.

Since I am not privileged to all of the communication that has happened between you and N8Flash, I can't comment on that. The emails you have sent me that show the back and forth don't tell me much, nor do they cover much of what you are allegations are.

At this point, if you can come to an agreement, that would be best (refund, or whatever), as I'd prefer to not see this get dragged on, nor get any more out of hand, then it needs to be.


- Brian

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