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N8's Players in the Cobalt3 Theme

Joined: 10 Jan 2008
Posts: 265
Location: Phoenix, AZ

Posted: 09/06/09 08:30 
Is anyone willing to kick down the files that were altered in the Cobalt3 theme that has these audio and video players? J100 Kit???

I want to install this kit I purchased into that theme and really need some help. No instructions exists, and no one has posted anything here showing how they installed them. Evil or Very Mad

I talked to N8 and all I get from him is; "Use the example code and post the players anywhere" - N8 that answer sucks and does not work on at least any file related to audio of video. I tried.

I want to know what files exactly with a written tree showing where the files sit and which lines approximately should I look for the code to be added to, deleted or replaced???

I just want some sanity folks, can anyone help me with out another vague answer that leads nowhere?

And don't post that stupid link again for switching players in Nova, IT DOES NOT HELP!

Thanks in advanced if anyone cares.

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Jamroom Team

Joined: 09 Jul 2003
Posts: 37583
Location: Seattle, WA

Posted: 09/06/09 08:50 
Nate -

Is it possible to get support for your Flash Players added into Jamroom's {jr_flash_player} template function? Or do each of your players operate uniquely? If your players can each be setup with similar embed code, then adding support for them into {jr_flash_player} would be something that I think users would find helpful - this way they can add your players into any template with a minimum of setup issues.

Feel free to contact me about this offline if you'd like to work them in.


- Brian

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