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How to view hidden files (like .htaccess files) using FTP
Jamroom Ustad

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Posted: 04/16/09 09:07 
I snatched this out of another thread to try to make it usefull so we can link to 1 place instead of re-explaining this to every user:

I am trying to install this but for some odd reason I am having the hardest time locating the .htaccess file that I should be adding the additional script to. Can anyone please help?

You will need to adjust your FTP client to view hidden files (or 'dot files'). Search your FTP client for ".htaccess" or "dot files" or "view hidden files" and it should provide instructions on how to view them in your FTP client.

For example, the help docs in CuteFTP pro tell a user;

Displaying Hidden Files or Folders
By default, some servers will hide files with names starting with a period such as ".htaccess" or ".profile".

To display hidden files on a remote site

In the Site Manager, click the site with the hidden files.

On the main menu, click File > Properties.

On the Actions tab, click Filter.

Select the Enable filtering check box.

Select the Enable server side filtering check box.

In the Remote filter field, type -a, then click OK.

Connect to the site. You should now be able to see hidden files and folders.

For filezilla users;


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User Support Forum Archive (Read Only)
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