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sefjam+ projam+ 3.1= fully working?

Joined: 14 Jun 2006
Posts: 103

Posted: 08/23/07 18:10 
will sefjam fully work with projam template and 3.1 funtions,etc... ?

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Joined: 30 Aug 2005
Posts: 8792
Location: Ultrabubble

Posted: 08/23/07 18:20 
The core sections of SefJam work well with Projam, I installed one a few days ago. There are some problems with Cobalt3 (namely the history and some bugs in the variable processing in the theme script_ templates) and Clouds is currently undergoing a rewrite (it will be moved out of the core SefJam in the near future), but there are no problems with ProJam.

If you are installing it yourself, email me rather than buying through SefJam.com, and I will send the updated files, SQL database install and modified menu files to you directly (also if you are already using it and are upgrading to Projam).

I'm off to bed now, so this will be tomorrow rather than immediately,


Kulshi Mezian!

"Stranger from another planet, welcome to our hole. Just strap on your guitar and we'll play some rock and roll"

Ultrabubble create things.
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