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The Greenroom:
Why is it?

Joined: 16 Sep 2003
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Posted: 12/05/03 17:20 
Why is it you can buy a movie that cost millions of dollars to make brand new for 15 - 25 dollars

But a CD that cots $1.50 or less to make with packaging printing and all that is sold for the same price?

That is rediculous, and they wonder why ppl are becoming exceptional at piracy. I can make a beat ,write a song, memorize it, and record it in a day (less time but leaving room for writers block), mainly I can do it in an hour or two. So I don't feel that my CD has the right to be sold for more than $10.00 <----- and that is being generous. Between 7 and 10 dollars should be the standard price, they would make more money I think. Even if the artist only got $2.00 per CD, he's getting to do what he loves and getting paid for it. If you sell 100,000 CDs a year and come out with a new one every year, you could live lavish.

We should be sueing the industry for highway robbery, not them sueing us for stealing. Expecialy when most the ppl that download free music like it and wind up buying it anyway.

We are in a beautiful thing this music, we can touch so many lives, and make so many changes in thought process. But we don't use our gift to benefit our surroundings (this is just a general statement don't get upset). I mean where else can you get paid a decent check to do what matters the most to you. For me God couldn't have given me a better gift than the one he did. I feel very forunate that I have this crutch, it keeps me sane and out of trouble. I have never contemplated suicide or anything like that cause I have allways had an emotional outlet. I'm probably going off on a tangent, but I'm sure I made sense somewhere, at least one of you feel what I'm saying.


I love music.
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User Support Forum Archive (Read Only)
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