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Are links really friendly with SefJam?

Joined: 23 Mar 2008
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Posted: 04/19/08 04:34 
I've given this script a lot of consideration, and although I believe the script to be great theoretically, I'm not sure whether the links are as search engine friendly as claimed.

I have visited the demo site of this script, and my main hesitation is that links on the homepage under the newest artist section link to artist sites via the standard www.domain.com/member/#/ link.

If the links on the homepage to artist was in the format www.domain.com/artist_name, this script would be fantastic. If this problem could be fixed, I'd purchase a license.

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Posted: 04/19/08 05:13 
Hi jtmangan,

The template files have not been edited on the demo site. To gain full search engine benefits you would need to replace the links in your templates to use the artist name rather than the members/xx/ link.

The standard template links use the {$ARTIST_URL} variable which generates members/xx - SefJam will translate this "on the fly" to the artist name so this will resolve and the link will appear more readable and memorable in the address bar.

To get the band name (a keyword) into the html you would replace {$ARTIST_URL} with {$JAMROOM_URL}/{$BAND_NAME|jr_theme_string} or similar to place http://yourjamroom/your_band_name into the templates - the desired keyword.

Editing your templates in this manner will also prevent the brief flash of members/xx appearing in the address bar and will be slightly faster as there is one less rewrite process happening.

You can achieve the same effect as the demo by just uploading the files, but for full search engine benefits template editing is necessary. As a compromise you can get 90% benefits by just editing your artist menu, and your skin ranking rows.

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