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SefJam Bookmarks Plugin

SefJam Bookmarks Plugin Free!
Provider: Ultrabubble
Version: 1.0.1
Updated: 10/27/07 20:41
File Size: 34.4 kb

Links to your site are valuable in gaining better search engine placement. This is a free plugin for Jamroom which will allow you to add 'submit to bookmark sites' buttons to your skin pages. SefJam is not a requirement, but there is SefJam code if you are using the cooler urls on your artist's pages. You can add this to your skin, theme and script pages, see the ReadMe for details of how to use the plugin.

There are 22 sites you can submit your bookmarks, notes and feeds to, you don't have to offer all of them - you can select which ones via parameter. The information passed is dependent on the site in question, some take title, description, keywords, notes etc, some only a feed name. Regardless, this plugin will encourage your members and visitors to create links to your site quickly and easily - and that can only be a good thing!


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Requires Jamroom License: Jamroom Core

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