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DS Flash Video Skins - For Jamroom 4.xx ONLY

DS Flash Video Skins - For Jamroom 4.xx ONLY Free!
Provider: DS Custom Players
Version: 1,0   (minimum Jamroom version: 3.3)
Updated: 06/14/08 17:34
File Size: 462.8 kb
FREE Additional Flash Video Player Skin Sizes
For Jamroom 3.1 Sage & Cobalt3 Themes ONLY
Requires the Jamroom Power Pack or Payment Pack

What This Does:

This "Mod" Helps you change the size of the standard Jamroom Video Player for the "Sage" and "Cobalt3" themes in Jamroom 3.1 to one of the 3-sized players included in this zip file.
The included player sizes in this mod are (160x120) (320x240) (480x360)

This "Mod" comes complete with instructions, players and pre-modified templates. Just download the zip file and unzip it in a clean folder on your computer, then read the enclosed "Read_Me_First.txt"


I have personally installed these players using the instructions in this "Mod". And because this is a free "Mod", I can't offer support to anyone who trys to use this Mod but fails to READ and follow the instructions.
I will always try to help anyone that has a legitimate problem.

See additional Video players and all the DS Player Skins at www.dsplayerskins.com

DS Flash Player Skins

High Quality Low Cost Pre-made and Custom Jamroom Flash MP3 and Video Player Skins for all 3.x sites

Custom Flash Audio & Video Player Skins On Request......

Contact Email:

An account
is required to download
Requires Jamroom License: Power Pack

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