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JamRoom Artists Digital Sales and Payouts Reports -Admin

JamRoom Artists Digital Sales and Payouts Reports -Admin License Required
Provider: BillingTimePro
Version: 3   (minimum Jamroom version: 4.2.0)
Updated: 11/20/11 01:04
File Size: 6.4 kb
JamRoom Artist Digital Sales & Payouts Reports for Admin features Admin lookup of any and all Artists' ledgers. Shows all sales, payouts, accounts payable and balances due for all Artists, or for a single Artist, at the Admin's choice.

Click here to view screenshots.

Now Admins can see all digital sales and payouts information together with the balance due Artist, if any, on one screen! A must have for sites that allow Artists to sell digital goods.Simple installation instructions.

Jamroom version 4.2.0 or greater required. Check our website at www.billingtimepro.com for your applicable version.

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