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This document applies to Jamroom 2 only!
For current Jamroom 4 Documentation, visit the main Jamroom Documentation section.

Jamroom attempts to determine the full path to your Jamroom directory, as well as the URL to your Jamroom directory, but in some PHP installations it is unable to completely determine the path, and you may end up with double slashes in the URL‘s that Jamroom creates. Note that this is purely a cosmetic issue and won’t affect how your Jamroom functions. The fix is easy though - open the jamroom/config/settings.cfg.php file and look for the top 2 variables:

# Jamroom will try to auto-detect the path that it's scripts are running
# in, but on some servers this may not work 100% of the time. Leave
# this at the default unless Jamroom tells you to change it. Default is
# "detect" - any other value and Jamroom will attempt to use it as the
# ABSOLUTE path to the jamroom scripts. Note that this must be the
# absolute path - i.e. /full/path/to/jamroom (note no trailing slash)
$config['jamroom_path'] = 'detect';

# if the $config['jamroom_path'] setting has been set to something OTHER
# then detect you must enter the URL for Jamroom here as well so Jamroom
# knows how to resolve relative URLS within its scripts. Leave this at
# the default "detect" unless you have modified the value above this one.
# if you do need to put an entry in, put it in like so:
# http://path/to/jamroom - note there is no trailing slash "/".
$config['jamroom_url'] = 'detect';

You want to change the “detect” to the actual FULL PATH (for jamroom_path) and URL for your jamroom install. For example:

$config['jamroom_path'] = '/home/username/public_html/jamroom';
$config['jamroom_url'] = 'http://www.example.com/jamroom';

Make sure you include the single quotes around your entry and it should fix the double slash problem.

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