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Joined: 09 Jul 2003
Posts: 37583
Location: Seattle, WA

Posted: 04/07/04 09:20 
After wading through the General Help forum trying to find old posts that explained how to do a certain task, or setup a Jamroom feature, I figured it was time to collect many of the "help" postings that are online into a convenient place for users to find them, as well as keep them updated.

I'm going to begin adding step by step guides and helpful posts to this forum, so please feel free to add your comments to a post, but please do not post a new topic in this forum unless it is a How-To or Step by Step guide to a feature of Jamroom.


- Brian

Make sure and check out:
* The Jamroom FAQ
* The Jamroom Documentation

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Joined: 26 Nov 2003
Posts: 404
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Posted: 04/07/04 13:29 
good idea! i'll be contributing eventually.

http://www.hxcmp3.com - 20,000+ bands and counting
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Joined: 23 Nov 2003
Posts: 320
Location: Durham, NC

Posted: 04/07/04 16:09 
I agree...this is a good idea.

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