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GigLodgeClient V1.0.0 Released - FREE
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Posted: 02/07/12 06:00 
The GigLodgeClient module allows you and your users (bands only) to submit calendar events to the GigLodge Gig Archive. GigLodge is a community driven archive of all live music with geolocated gigs and venues.

Visit http://giglodge.com or http://gigmemories.com

Revision History
    20120207 V1.0.0 Original release

    Copy module files and folders to your Jamroom folder (Do not copy the 'Demo_Skin_Templates' folder).

    From the Admin Control Panel => Admin Options => System Modules => Available Modules => Enable this module.

    Goto http://giglodge.com/?gl=login and enter your email address and a password in order to create a GigLodge account.

    Click on the Account tab and make a note of your 31 character hex API key.

    Optionally enter the name of your Jamroom site and its URL into the name and website fields and hit Submit. Any gigs submitted by your users will then have a link back to your site.

    Now back to your own Jamroom site, goto the GigLodgeClient module settings page and enter your GigLodge API key. Hit Update Settings.

    Goto your Jamroom quota settings and enable GigLodgeClient for the artist quotas it is to be available to. The option is in the Extra Features menu.

    By default, the GigLodgeClient option will show in the Artist Control Panel as a stand-alone button, and in the Calendar section. To remove one or the other of these links, rename either the /modules/GigLodgeClient/cp/artist_GigLodgeClientMenu.php (stand-alone) or the /modules/GigLodgeClient/cp/section_event.php (calendar section) file to artist_GigLodgeClientMenu.php.disabled or section_event.php.disabled.

    Your users can now click on the GigLodge link in their Control Panel and optionally submit their events/gigs to GigLodge.

    Alternatively, Admin can periodically submit artist gigs to GigLodge. Goto the Tools section and click on the Submit Gig to Giglodge link. All artist gigs will be displayed (regardless of their quota setting) and can be selected for submission to GigLodge.

This module also includes a ranking call by which you can pull gig information from the GigLodge Archive for use on your Jamroom site. Use the ranking call as follows in your templates -
    {jr_ranking mode="GigLodgeClient" ... ranking variables ... header_template="your_header_template.tpl" row_template="your_row_template.tpl" footer_template="your_footer_template.tpl"}

Ranking Variable Options
    artistName="Artist name you want to search for"

    venueName="Venue name you want to search for"

    gigDate="Format is yyyymmdd. Underscores are wild so 2011____ will return all gigs in 2011, 200902__ will return all gigs in February 2009, ______01 will return all gigs on the 1st of the month"

    gigDateMax="Format is yyyymmdd. Will return all gigs before the maximum date"

    gigDateMin="Format is yyyymmdd. Will return all gigs after the minimum date"

    gigLatitude="Decimal number (Note that as yet, not all gigs and venues are geo-located)"

    gigLongitude="Decimal number (Note that as yet, not all gigs and venues are geo-located)"

    searchRadius="In miles and for use with gigLatitude and gigLongitude above. (Note that although its called radius, gigs within the square generated by the radius are returned)"

    showNumber="Equivalent to the Jamroom show parameter"

    pageNumber="Equivalent to the Jamroom pagenum parameter"

    pageBreak="Equivalent to the Jamroom pagebreak parameter"

    orderBy="Options are artistAsc, artistDesc, venueAsc, venueDesc, dateAsc, dateDesc"
    All the above parameters are case sensitive

You can test the GigLodge ranking by running the sample templates included in this module. Copy the templates to your active skin folder and run http://your-site.com/?t=GigLodgeClient

NOTE - If you have the old gmSubmitGig module on your site, please disable (and uninstall) it as it is no longer functional and may confuse your users

Contact me via the Jamroom forum if you have any issues, comments or suggestions for this module. Paul Asher February 2012

Visit the Jamroom Marketplace to download this FREE module

Paul Asher
Jamroom Network Team Member: http://www.jamroom.net
Priority Support: http://www.jamroom.net/Support_Center
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