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[MOD] auto-validate all new signups

Joined: 26 Nov 2003
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Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Posted: 07/09/04 12:36 
We had a problem where a lot of users weren't getting their validation emails and we were missing out on a lot of new signups because of it. Also, we got a lot of support emails because of the problem. So we had someone write/modify the Jamroom code so that new users are automaticly validated after they signup, and they no longer receive any email or notice about having to validate. Make sure you stay ontop of your new signups though. Use at your own risk.

open up signup.php
around line 462 you'll see:


comment it out by changing it to:


now you've removed email functionality upon signup.

now we need to redirect the user autmoatically to the activation page and also comment out the page which tells the user to check their email.

a few lines down you'll see:

jmLogger('0','INF',"({$create['user_nickname']}) has signed up for a new account ({$create['user_emailadr']})");

UNDER that line ADD


$validationPage = $_sub['{VALIDATE_LINK}'];
header( "Location: {$validationPage}" );

Now save it and upload it. Test it out. That should be it. Make sure you have a backup of signup.php just in case. All code by BRENDON <endofyourself@yahoo.com>.

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Joined: 03 Aug 2004
Posts: 4

Posted: 08/03/04 21:39 
I was wondering if your autovalidation coding still works in jamroom 2.10? - It worked well for us until we upgraded to 2.10. Now we are getting validation problems and losing artists again. Any ideas?


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