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Listing popular vault items. Possible?

Joined: 11 May 2006
Posts: 120

Posted: 03/19/07 07:55 
Does anyone know how to achieve this:

I want to list the 5 most popular items purchased from the vault in the past 7 days in my side menu.

I can already list the 5 most popular songs (using this code)

{jr_ranking mode="song" order="5" show="5" header_template="songs_sub_header.tpl" row_template="songs_sub.tpl" footer_template="songs_sub_footer.tpl"}

although I would like to limit it to show the most popular songs of the past 7 days also, but don't know how. There doesn't seem to be a time/day limiter as their is in the newchart.php script.

I've tried this:

{jr_ranking mode="vault" order="8" show="5" header_template="vault_sub_header.tpl" row_template="vault_sub.tpl" footer_template="vault_sub_footer.tpl"}

just to see if I could get the vault to show up. I can, but it only shows the artists name and not the song name or the play button.

This is the code in the vault_sub.tpl file.

<td width="35%" class="song-row">{$SONG_NAME}</td>
<td width="35%" class="song-row"><a href="{$ARTIST_URL}">{$BAND_NAME}</a></td>
<td width="01%" class="song-row" align="center">
<a href="{$ARTIST_URL}/{$SONG_ID}.php" title="Play Song HiFi" onclick="popwin(this.href,'playsong','550','250','no');return false"><img src="{$SKIN_URL}/images/play_sml.png" align="middle" border="0"></a>

Is this possible? and can you help?


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Joined: 10 Sep 2006
Posts: 1512

Posted: 03/30/07 08:39 
yeah anyone? i would also like to do something like this

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Joined: 27 Apr 2006
Posts: 22009
Location: Southern California

Posted: 03/30/07 08:42 
I think those variables might be wrong in the vault_sub.tpl for the vault rankings. Use {debug output="html"} to find out if they are right. Also, you can pass vault_only="1" to the first ranking you have and it will show only songs with vault items attached.


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