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website viruses

Joined: 14 Mar 2010
Posts: 61

Posted: 04/01/11 10:36 
Hey i think some one hacked my site and put a trojan virus on it ,does anyone know how to fix this?

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Joined: 05 Jun 2006
Posts: 1559
Location: Rochester Pa

Posted: 04/01/11 12:32 
Check to see if your host has a recent backup that came up before the hack and have them restore it ...lesson learned by me backup your sites yourself because some backups go back to far with some hosts

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Joined: 27 Apr 2006
Posts: 22009
Location: Southern California

Posted: 04/01/11 13:03 
Your hosting provider should be able to remove it...



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Joined: 14 Mar 2010
Posts: 61

Posted: 04/01/11 13:09 
thanks i tried them they said they get involved with those matters.How can i save the accounts i have on there so i can possibly do a reinstall or pay for a reinstall.

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Joined: 02 Feb 2011
Posts: 264

Posted: 11/22/11 10:04 
*** Im sure im giving you accurate information, however if something fails you and you loose everything i want to disclose this is use at your own risk. ***

- Create a directory folder on your desktop ie "site backup"

- back up your "database" from your hosting provider. You will be saving your .SQL file for future upload.

- Create a directory inside your backup folder called "site" i usually include the date in the name i give as well.

- Now at this point you have your database and all the files from your site.

* i would suggest running a virus scan on these files to make sure your not saving a virus to your computer.
**now at this stage i create a .zip file of everything. And this is your backup.

Inside my hosting root directory i have multiple sites. so "mysite.com" is in its own directory.

my jamroom installation is inside the directory "mysite.com"

so rename "mysite.com" to "mysite.com.old"

this keeps all your files on the server for now.

If you didnt recieve a virus alert after saving the files to your computer you might not have a virus problem.
you may choose to delete the files if you would like before you continue to the next step.

Create your new directory "mysite.com"
create your new database giving it a new name
copy all your jamroom files over to "mysite.com"

run the install and set up your new installation.
* place site in maintance mode
* Register your site

-install getid3

the 3 directorys you want to copy over from your last site are
[members] : [media] : [uploads]

go in to your new database you set up for the new install and upload your mysite.SQL file to it.

i suggest before you take your site down that you copy all of your settings by writing them down or taking a screenshot (ctrl + alt +print scrn) and paste that in to paint then save them all somewhere for refrence if you need it.
* remeber your new install will have none of your old settings. no quotas, system, ect.. and it can be a lot of work..

I believe i covered everything but im very tired and this took a long time to type so Good Luck!

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Joined: 01 May 2009
Posts: 619
Location: NastiNati

Posted: 05/15/12 12:27 
My website was hacked also... was a mess.... there was a script, line of code put in on my login.php. googles chrome browser helped me to find this .... changed all passwords now i think i might be ok

Search your ftp directory ... i found all kinds of crazy web pages in there and i deleted them!

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