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Jamroom Mobile module gurus wanted for development

Joined: 10 Jan 2008
Posts: 265
Location: Phoenix, AZ

Posted: 04/16/11 15:57 
I think the mobile module is a great start. I feel it's way under powered compared to regular Jamroom.

I have many artist who complain on my site, they can not send messages via mobile, they can't post events or update their artist info.

What I am looking for is a couple of others who know Jamroom calls well enough like my self or preferably better to help develop this module further. Seriously it's a nice display of bands but it's really useless for anything else.

If your forming a community like myself then you probably feel these are basics that need to be if your wanting mobile members to stick around.

I know how to make templates of all sorts. I am understanding the urls of the mobile module to make these templates and I am already working on displaying a member listing as well as bands.

What I'm not so fluent in is taking the mobile modules direction to start including control panels to allow profile changes and allow members to message each other.

If your interested in taking this further and want to include your code.

Hit me up here.

*note to Brian. I don't want to repackage this or resell it. It's your baby. If you would like the templates after we finish to include with the main module let me know.

Jamroom has given me the freedom to create almost anything I want. I guess this is going to be my way of giving back for all the help I have gotten since I first went online.

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Joined: 08 Oct 2008
Posts: 9

Posted: 01/17/12 11:48 
why not look into the conduit platform it allows you to create mobile apps and browser toolbars etc. its a free platform that the more users you have the more money it earns you which could help you to upgrade your jamroom license (hint hint)

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