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How to set 3 prices for each song?

Joined: 21 Oct 2010
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Posted: 11/02/10 01:30 
I'm in Cobalt skin.
My purpose is to sell the same file at 3 prices : 1 for personnal usage, 2 for web, ads, tv etc. So I've created 3 'add to cart' button with 3 prices. I'd like to pass in the onclick request a new param (like index.php?mode=.....&license=2). What I've done.
I dont need to store those prices because they are always the same for every song, say :
- personnal $1,
- web $50
- tv $500
So i'd like to modify only the purchasing price at the fly when putting the item in Cart, according which 'add to cart' button is clicked.
I've mess around cart.php and other tpls but I'm very newbie, and nothing in doc or forum was found.
If only I could find the file and function where vault_price is read in Mysql tables and put in the cart, I could simply test my param 'license' and put my 2nd or 3rd price...
Could someone give me an idea, or a track to achieve this?

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Joined: 27 Apr 2006
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Location: Southern California

Posted: 11/03/10 18:35 
Unfortunately this isn't something that is natively supported, so you'll need to do something custom - sorry!



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