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DS Flash Players:
New ProJam2 - MediaPro - Proton2 Flash Player Packs
DS Flash Players

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Posted: 05/31/10 17:53 
Introducing Jamroom Replacement Player Packs for Oinkba Skins
Now Available In The Jamroom Marketplace Here.........
Replacement Player Sets For: ProJam2 * MediaPro * Proton2

These are High End State of the Art Replacement Flash Players for your Oinkba ProJam2, MediaPro or Proton2 Skins. The new enhanced flash players come complete with all new displays that include Rating, Plays, Downloads, Loaded/Playing, Song Length, Artist/Song Name and Song Photo. With built-in Functions that include Buy Now, Free Download, Scrub Bar, Embed Code Snipper, Full Screen Mode and Visit Artist buttons. Plus all the players are Now Resizable (within limits)....

Each Jamroom Player Pack is designed specifically for use in your Oinkba ProJam2, MediaPro or Proton2 Skin including all Add-On Mods made by Oinkba for your Skin. And each new Player Pack comes with a full set of 5-Replacement Flash Players for ProJam2 and MediaPro or 4-Replacement Flash Players for Proton2 complete with both the Audio and Video Players for use on your site with "Plug & Play" Easy Install Instructions and backed by Jamroom Support. Plus you can purchase the Player Packs in your choice of 6-Colors including Red, White, Green, Blue, Brown or Charcoal and are always 100% Jamroom Compatible....

System Requirements:
These new player packs require Jamroom Version 4.1.7 or Higher
And that have the most current version of ProJam2, MediaPro or Proton2 installed.
Or At least The Oinkba Upgrade Versions as follows......
ProJam2 Upgrade Version 1.1
MediaPro Upgrade Version 2.0
Proton2 Upgrade Version 1.9

Thank you...... Smile

I have no idea why I do this..................
Email: daddysylem[at]dsplayerskins.com
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User Support Forum Archive (Read Only)
DS Flash Players

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