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NEW - Apicos Affiliate Module
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Posted: 03/28/10 09:08 
NEW - Apicos Affiliate Module

Turbocharge your Jamroom site using the new Jamroom Affiliate Marketing Pack from Apicos! Generate leads and sales by attracting affiliates to your site boosting your incoming links, SE rankings and popularity. The Apicos Affiliate Module is highly configurable and boasts many advanced features allowing you to fine tune your affiliate network to the MAX.

All Oinkba templates are now Apicos Affiliate ready allowing you to configure CPA “Cost Per Action” for your members and artists, this includes referrals for signups and percentage awards for sales. Don’t let your site become another statistic.

Recruit an army of affiliates to further promote and market your site!

For more features and purchase, check out the new Apicos Affiliate Module
For support and pre-sales see the: Apicos Forum

Sponsored by Oinkba.com

Note: Apicos Affiliate files are included in the template updates posted on 28th March 2010, Oinkba Template Updates

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User Support Forum Archive (Read Only)
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