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Developer help....

Joined: 11 Jan 2009
Posts: 55

Posted: 06/27/09 06:24 
I need some help with re-developing (custom programming) an existing Jamroom powered site - where can I find some developers with Jamroom programming experience.. ?!


Adrian Fry

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Joined: 27 Apr 2006
Posts: 22009
Location: Southern California

Posted: 06/27/09 11:23 
I'll move this over to the Developers forum where potential developers can see it. If you can give a brief description of your project you might attract some more offers.



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Joined: 11 Jan 2009
Posts: 55

Posted: 06/27/09 12:11 
OK, here is a list:
URL: http://www.kavidarei.com/music/

* We need a graphic inserting on the checkout page, which I will produce, with a simple description of the payment process. The design would be as per the current checkout page, with the rounded box - effectively this box will be duplicated below, with an allowance for a GIF or JPEG image in the middle ...

* The 'Artists' section on the home page to be replaced by a 'Genre' section - section would be the same size as the artists section; I haven't decided for definite how the Genre's will be displayed - either text list which is clickable to perform a search by that Genre, or small graphic thumbnails.

* The top right advert needs to rotate between two different adverts, so each time a user lands on the home page, a different banner ad is displayed - I believe {jr_html_ad} is used for embedding a static or rotating set of advertisements into a template.

* Finally, a neater way to handle credit card transactions & payments. What would be ideal is that after paying using WorldPay, the download for the music tracks starts automatically, without the user having to receive a username etc and login ...

That's all for now!


Adrian Fry

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