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Joined: 05 Jun 2006
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Posted: 05/22/09 10:56 
I have made it quite aways on this with a lot of trial and error but for 2 hours I have been trying to get the preselected option to work along with the help area
can you please tell me whats going wrong
I am seeing a white page when i add the selected
jmYesNo('Field Text','dbfield','This i think is supposed to be the help' [$selected = 'no']);

this is all going off of what I found in the functions page

jmYesNo (string $text, string $name, string $help, [string $selected = 'yes'])

it works with out the selected part as far as I can see to this point except for the help text

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Joined: 30 Aug 2005
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Posted: 05/22/09 14:42 
You don't need the selected one, you can just miss it out, or just try 'no'. You would also need a comma before it.

jmYesNo('KnowledgeBase Access','quota_kbase_access','If this is set to "yes", then profiles in this quota will be allowed to create KnowledgeBase Articles.',$quota['quota_kbase_access']);

It should look something like this.

$quota['quota_kbase_access'] will be the existing yes/no value, if any.

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