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"After searching the internet for some time for a script that would let users on my site add content such as music, images and more through a management system using their own browser, I came across JamRoom. This program has everything I was looking for and more. From having total control over every users information, to integrating it with my existing site, it's a powerful program that is very easy to use with a lot of features. It has taken my site from being just a regular community CMS to a Music Community."
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Bogus milw0rm security advisory
Affects: Jamroom Core
Priority: Normal
Created: 04/15/09 00:32
Resolved: 04/15/09 00:33
Created By: Brian
The following security advisory does not affect version of Jamroom after 3.4.0:

This was fixed in Jamroom's security audit for Jamroom 3.4.0
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