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MediaPro + All Mods (ProPack)

MediaPro + All Mods (ProPack) License Required
Provider: The Jamroom Network
Version: 2.4   (minimum Jamroom version: 4.2)
Updated: 07/15/12 13:20
File Size: 2.06 mb
MediaPro + All Mods (ProPack)

The MediaPro ProPack includes:

MediaPro Dancers
MediaPro DJs
MediaPro Gallery
MediaPro Labels
MediaPro Media Kit
MediaPro Merchandise
MediaPro MP3 Store
MediaPro News
MediaPro Producer beats
MediaPro Producers
MediaPro Rappers

And the MediaPro FULL Skin

Note: The MediaPro (ProPack) is bundled with all modifications zipped and uninstalled, easy installation instructions for MediaPro and each modification are included in the ProPack bundle. If you still need assistance with installation the optional Guaranteed Installation Service is now available which includes the installation of all items.

Available here at Jamroom with instant download!
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