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Jamroom Album Ranking

Jamroom Album Ranking License Required
Provider: Prayas Digital
Version: 1.0.0   (minimum Jamroom version: Jamroom 4)
Updated: 05/18/12 05:19
File Size: 17.1 kb
The Album Ranking Module adds an additional 'album' mode to the existing Jamroom ranking function. It uses the information stored in Jamroom's 'song_info' database table to display information about albums in your Jamroom website. This module is easy to implement. If you know how to use 'jr_ranking' in the templates, then you should be able to integrate this module. The current templates are customized for Nova skin; however, this module can be implemented other skins as well. The existing implementation for Nova skin provides excellent example to refer to. Both priority ($15) and standard (via Jamroom Forum) installation help are available.

Live Demo

For those who do not use Nova skin and do not want to integrate by themselves, we can help you additional $10 fee payable via paypal. Please contact me at anil_mndl@yahoo.com We are always available to help and answer your questions on Jamroom support forum if you wish to integrate by yourself.

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