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Jamroom Vimeo Seamless Module (paVimeoSeamless)

Jamroom Vimeo Seamless Module (paVimeoSeamless) License Required
Provider: The Jamroom Network
Version: 1.0.1   (minimum Jamroom version: 4.0.0)
Updated: 07/08/13 08:35
File Size: 291.3 kb
The paVimeoSeamless module provides users with seamless integration of both their uploaded 'regular' videos, and embedded Vimeo videos on both the user profile, and skin video pages.

When users click on their 'Create Video' button, they get the choice of uploading either a regular, or a Vimeo video and are subsequently directed to the respective similar looking form page.

After uploading an embedded Vimeo video, it is treated as a regular video and can be modified, arranged and deleted in the same manner as, and alongside of regular videos.
User access to this module is artist quota controlled.
Additional user function to search for Vimeo videos, then selectively import the results.
Admin tools to periodically check that all embedded Vimeo videos are still valid with the option to delete any that are not.

This module will work independently, or in conjunction with the paYTSeamless module (if installed). Note that there is an additional module supplied with this package, paSeamlessManager. This module must also be installed and enabled to allow paVimeoSeamless to function.
Requires Jamroom License: Power Pack

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