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DS Round Colored Flash Button Player Package - For Jamroom 4.xx ONLY

DS Round Colored Flash Button Player Package - For Jamroom 4.xx ONLY License Required
Provider: DS Custom Players
Version: 1.0   (minimum Jamroom version: 4.x.x)
Updated: 05/23/11 00:32
File Size: 57.8 kb
The players contained in this set are Plug-N-Play replacements for the old Fabricio Zuardi Button Player that comes with your Jamroom. This set contains 5-Different Colors and 2-Versions of the same Style of a DS Button Player that can only be installed "One At A Time" as a replacement package on your Jamroom Site. These Button Players were constructed to eliminate the issues with the Fabricio Zuardi Button Player and at the same time allow Single Song, Full Album, Playlist Songs and even Radio Song plays through a Professional Looking Multi-Colored Button Player on your Jamroom Site.

This set contains both a "Buy This Song" Version and a "Standard" Version without a "buy this song" link installed. The "Buy This Song" Version is designed with a link in the "Right Click" popup menu from the player. This link will show up in the menu at all times but will only be active to purchase when a song is playing that is for sale. And because of this links coding and location, it will be visible at all times regardless if the song is for sale or not.

These Players are being sold as a "Plug-N-Play Replacement Package" for the old Fabricio Zuardi Button Player only!! So any "Support" for this package can only be offered for the install of the "Player Replacement Package" to your Jamroom site as a replacement to the existing Fabricio Zuardi Button Player.

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