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A/B Page Split Test

A/B Page Split Test License Required
Provider: The Jamroom Network
Version: ver1   (minimum Jamroom version: 4.2.3)
Updated: 02/16/12 10:42
File Size: 35.7 kb

This module allows you to test version A of a page offer against version B of a page offer to see which converts best.

Adtrackz contains code to split test incoming links, while this module will Split Test templates.

Add a small piece of code to your smarty templates then when visitors view the page they will be shown either version A or version B of your offer

Use the data collected to improve your offer and increase signups.

There is nothing for your users to see with this module. It only provides data to the admin user in the admin interface.

Its intended purpose is for users who have a specific offer and want to know if the copy on that offer is the best it can be.

For a demonstration of where it is being used in actuality, visit Solo Developer. You will see either version A of the sales page, or version B. You wont know which, but if you sign up to Solo Developer, I will know which page you used. When I can see that one version is getting more signups than another, I will replace the loosing version with some other copy and try to make it convert better.

Requires Jamroom License: Jamroom Core

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